The history of Suits Me Swimwear is another classic example of American ingenuity.

The suits are produced by Judi Mecklenburg (a.k.a.The Swimsuit Lady), her husband Chuck Mecklenburg, and their daughter Stacy.

The story began in 1974 when Judi put 3-month-old Stacy in swimming lessons. When Stacy developed an ear infection and had to drop the class, the instructor encouraged Judi to finish the class herself. Judi took to swimming like a fish and she was encouraged to become a swimming instructor. Judi took the advice and became a very popular swim instructor.

While teaching in chlorine-treated pools, Judi noticed her suits wore out and had to be replaced often. Husband Chuck suggested she may have to quit her job because of the high cost of replacing her suits. Judi loved teaching too much to quit, and decided to make her own suits from a material that would withstand chlorine.

When Judi wore her new handmade suit to class, her fellow instructors and students begged for suits of their own - and Suits Me Swimwear was born.

Shortly thereafter, husband Chuck invented and copyrighted the pattern for a wrap-around, tie-on suit that would fit all sizes.

In 2011, daughter Stacy reentered the picture with new ideas for turning the suit into high fashion which would appeal to all women. Her ideas for color combinations and creative wrapping techniques led to her own success - selling under the brand name hisOpal, with the blessings of Mom and Dad.

In 2014, Judi, Chuck and Stacy decided to combine forces and create and market swimsuits under the Diet-Proof Swimsuits brand. The name was chosen because the suits fit women just the way they are - perfect! No dieting required.

Stacy and Judi know you will have a lot of fun experimenting with your suit, and you'll be pleased with the way it makes you look. Matter of fact, send them a picture and they may put it on their website!

American ingenuity, hard work, and dreams have fueled this family-run business. All diet-proof swimsuits are handmade in America by American citizens.

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Judi Mecklenburg
Stacy Mecklenburg

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NOTE: Suits from hisOpal Swimwear are NOT latex free.