Custom Made Swimsuits

Ladies, get out your credit card and tape measure! You can now order a custom made swimsuit without leaving home!

Our custom made latex-free swimsuits are 100% polyester with latex-free elastic. The top has a polyester material bra and the bottoms are fully lined. You can wear the suit whenever you go into a hot-tub or chemically treated pool. You do not have to rinse your suit after you wear it, the chemicals in the water will not harm the materials used in your suit. To clean the suit we recommend a hot water wash using your favorite detergent followed by a hot dryer. These washing instruction will keep your suit fitting like new.

You don't need to take the top off over your head. You may step into it to put the top on or take is off as if it were a one-piece. All tops are designed so you may also wear a bra underneath for added support. Our mastectomy girls may wear your prosthesis with your bra under your suit. This will give you peace of mind that everything stays in place while swimming. In the special request ask that your straps be cut wider to cover your bra straps.

When ordering custom suits please return to this site after checkout to complete the form for your measurements.

Women's Tankini Top

Tankini Top

The tankini top is designed for the active swimmer. It is tapered on the sides so it fits tight. This top is made with a polyester material bra. When ordering you may request that the top be cut longer to overlap the bottom.

The children's top is fully lined in front with polyester. No bra.

Women's Blouse Tank Top

Women's Blouse Tank Top

The blouse tank top is very easy to get on and off. It is made with a polyester material bra. The top has elastic around the bottom edge so you can pull it down when you are in the water and it stays down tight. Then simply blouse it when you get out of the water.

Women's Boy-leg Bottom

Women's Boy Leg Bottom

The boy leg gives you maximum coverage.

Women's Regular Leg Bottom

Women's Regular Leg Bottom

The regular leg bottom is our best seller. The top comes to your natural waistline and the leg is cut straight across the top of your leg.

Women's Bikini Bottom

Women's Bikini Bottom

The bikini bottom is cut two inches lower than the natural waist line. It is fully lined in front with polyester. It gives you a stylish yet modest look.

Women's A-line Skirt

>Women's A-line Skirt

The a-line skirt is a separate piece. It may be worn in the pool over your suit or you can just use it as a cover-up when you get out of the pool. The skirt may be worn at the waist-line or pulled down slightly around the hips. Your choice.

Women's High Leg Bottom

Women's High Leg Bottom

The high leg bottom is cut two inches higher than the regular leg. This gives you a stylish and modest look.

Back View of Top

Women's High Leg Bottom

All the swimsuit tops have a scoop back. It is cut high enough so you can wear your own bra underneath. Women who have had a mastectomy will enjoy wearing your own bra with your prosthesis under your suit. Remember, the label always goes in front!

Don't want to pay online? You can print the order form and mail it in too.

Return Policy

Each suit is custom made to your measurements. There are no cash refunds on custom made suits. Credit only.