Diet-Proof Wrap Swimsuits

Suits Me Swimwear has designed the one and only Diet-Proof Swimsuit! The adult suit worn in the video demonstration will wrap around anyone from 120 to 250 pounds. No more trying on bathing suits to see if they fit, you're perfect just the way you are. Our bathing suit adapts to you, from petite to plus size, underweight or overweight, mini to maternity! Our inexpensive and low cost bathing suits are not cheap when it comes to quality. These affordable, budget conscious bathing suits are so durable that we consider them hot tub, whirlpool friendly.

Our wrap swimsuits are made of polyester and no latex elastic. The chemicals in the pool won't fade or deteriorate your suit so no rinsing is required after you get out of the pool. Your suit dries super fast! When you want to clean your suit simply throw it in the washer and dryer. Use regular detergent with hot water wash and hot dryer. Your suit won't shrink or fade and a year from now it will look just like the day you bought it and it will still fit!

The womens suit may be worn in a one-piece or two-piece style. When you wear it in a two piece style your whole back is covered so women who don't usually wear a two piece can go ahead because you are covered all the way around. This suit is perfect for sunning. You can tan your strap marks and hike the leg up to a french cut when no one is around and adjust it to a more modest leg cut if someone comes by. After sunning if you want a little more support for swimming just use the removable neck strap. Loop it around the knot and tie it behind your neck, this will give you added support. The suit is also designed that you may wear a strapless bra underneath for added support.

All of our bathing suits are made in dark colors so they won't become transparent when they get wet. This is the perfect latex-free maternity swimsuit. You can wear it before, during and after you're pregnant. This bathing suit is also easy-on and easy-off! If it's hard for you to tie behind your back simply tie it in front and spin the tie around to the back.

Your latex-free swimsuit comes with written directions on how to put the suit on, pictures so you know what the suit is supposed to look like and is in a resealable plastic bag for storage which is great for traveling. This suit is perfect for cruises, eat all you want and your suit still fits.

We also make a men's style wrap suit! It ties in front and in back and looks like shorts. The women often wear the mens suit over their suit to get the boy-leg look or just as a cover-up! Our suits never fade so the shorts will always match your suit!

Return Policy

If any defect is found in your swimsuit it will be replaced at no additional charge.

All sales are final and we do not accept returns on our swimswuits.

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